“All in With Athens” podcast created by students with vision and a voice for the future

ATHENS, Ala. (TENNESSEE VALLEY LIVING) - Most of us have our favorite podcasts we listen to and anticipate new episodes dropping. There is a new podcast to add to your list to check out and it’s talking about things pretty close to home.

“All in With Athens” is a new podcast created by students in the Mayor’s Youth Commission, a group that introduces high school students to roles of local government and their role as citizens.

This year, students were challenged to create their own podcast regarding different topics relevant to the Athens area and share their thoughts and ideas.

Payton Walker talked with Athens High School’s Avery Paysinger and Christina Jones about the podcast and learned what it’s like behind the scenes.

You can listen to “All in With Athens” on Spotify, Apple, Google podcasts and more

Anna Mahan

Anna Mahan

Anna Mahan joined the WAFF 48 News team in August of 2020.