Upgrade your glass of OJ with these recipes loaded with Vitamin C

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (TENNESSEE VALLEY LIVING) - This time of year, a lot of us are snifflin’, loading up on the cough drops and orange juice to fight off cold and flu season.

Orange juice is typically the go-to drink alongside tea for most people who feel like we need an immunity boost. But orange juice is actually working harder than we think. 100% orange juice is loaded with Vitamin C, folate, potassium, thiamin, and (in fortified juices) Vitamin D and calcium into your everyday diet.

Registered dietitian and nutritionist Vandana Sheth is sharing some recipes to upgrade a simple glass of juice that load will load you up with Vitamin C and other boosters for your immune system.

Anna Mahan

Anna Mahan

Anna Mahan joined the WAFF 48 News team in August of 2020.