Walker Hayes talks new book, life on the road and more

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (TENNESSEE VALLEY LIVING) - Whether you know him from the radio, TikTok, or even his new book, Walker Hayes is taking the world by storm.

The Alabama native made it big with hits like ‘Fancy Like’ and ‘AA’ and is currently opening a few shows for Brooks and Dunn. The country singers are all playing in Huntsville on May 13 so we figured it would be the perfect time to catch up with Hayes.

Before the musician went viral on the internet, he was trying to raise a family of six with his wife while working at Costco in-between music gigs.

The musician shares more of his story in a new book he wrote with his best friend and neighbor, Craig Cooper.

“We’re Glad You’re Here” is the story of two unlikely friends breaking bread and fences, literally. When Hayes and Cooper became friends, Hayes was struggling with alcoholism and keeping a job. It wasn’t long before the families were going to church together, their kids’ basketball games, dinners and everything in between.

When you’re spending that much time together, it’s hard not to become friends.

Hayes said it was the love he felt from these neighbors and the loss of one of his children that made him realize his need for something bigger than himself.

Now a Christian, the musician continues his course of sobriety and takes his whole family on the road with him. That’s 2 parents, 6 kids, 2 dogs plus his crew on the road one big happy family!

When they’re not on tour, they’re back in Nashville with their neighbors and best friends, the Coopers.

Hayes and Cooper learned more about what it means to really love your neighbor through one another and want to encourage others to do the same.

And yes, they really did break the fences in their backyards to create one big space for the families to hang out. Now that sounds fun!

While no one is pressuring you to go to that extreme, we could probably all learn a thing or two from the Hayes and the Coopers.

You can find “We’re Glad You’re Here” on Amazon or wherever you buy books.

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Anna Mahan

Anna Mahan

Anna Mahan joined the WAFF 48 News team in August of 2020.