Meet the man behind the success of the Trash Pandas’ social media

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (TENNESSEE VALLEY LIVING) - The Rocket City Trash Pandas’ have over 31 thousand followers on Twitter and Instagram as well as 81.3 thousand followers on Tik Tok, but who is behind the success?

Lucas Dolengowski joined the Trash Pandas organization in Feb. 2020, the same year the team began to play. In his time as the social media manager of the team, Dolengowski’s day-to-day duties include more than just social media, he also makes sure the website is updated and helps with email marketing.

According to Dolengowski, making content from the team’s success has been a lot of fun.

“We have a good balance of silliness and serious baseball happening, we just clinched the division Sunday for the playoffs,” Dolengowski said. “All of the content that came out of that was very fun, being in the clubhouse for champaign showers was fun.”

Dolengowski credits the team’s success this season and former team trainer, Yusuke Takahashi, with some of the social media team’s success.

“Our athletic trainer last year, Yusuke Takahashi came up with a bit, he started staring at the camera every pregame, that is our most viral Tik Tok it has 1.3 million views,” Dolengowski said. “A lot of off-the-field things like that are really fun and some on-the-field things are too, we are fortunate to have a really good team this year.”

A lot of posts from Trash Panda accounts are nonsensical and funny which Dolengowski says starts with the name of the team.

“I’m an extremely online person myself, I use social media heavily in my personal life and I see a lot of nonsense on the internet and that is where a lot of that comes from,” Dolengowski said. “Our name is the Trash Pandas, there is an element of nonsense to it so that allows us the freedom to go outside the box of baseball and be a little edgy.”

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Nick Kremer

Nick Kremer

Nick is a December 2021 graduate of West Virginia University. While working towards a journalism degree, Nick served as the assistant sports editor at the student newspaper. Nick joined the team in March of 2022 and is originally from Cleveland, OH.