A senior’s best advice to college freshmen

AUBURN, Ala. (TENNESSEE VALLEY LIVING) - Everyone talks about getting the kids ready for back to school, but what about the college students?

Moving off for the first time, picking classes, getting the dorm ready... it’s a lot!

Emma Jones, a student at Auburn University, is sharing some of her best tips for incoming college students.


  • Power strips and/or extension cords — There aren’t enough outlets for everything you need... trust me.
  • A good pair of slippers — Those dorm halls can get a little dirty, pick out some comfy and cute slippers to wear!
  • Blackout curtains — If college does one thing, it’ll mess up your sleep schedule. Any time you can catch a nap during the day, you’ll be so glad to have these.
  • A wagon or a rolling hamper — You’ll be so thankful when you’re walking back from the laundry room or bringing in groceries from your car. The fewer trips the better!
  • Lamps — Bright, overhead fluorescent lighting keeps your brain stimulated longer in the day. Bright lights to a dark room makes it harder to fall asleep at night. I always turned the lights off and used lamps while getting ready for bed. The difference it makes is insane!


  • Skip bringing a lot of t-shirts from high school. In college, you will get so many shirts from clubs and organizations, your draws will be overflowing! And you’re already lacking space in those dorms.
  • Don’t bring an ottoman or stool if it doesn’t have storage space. Find something that holds extra blankets or sheets!
  • Don’t buy too much cleaning supplies because they will take up a lot of space! Instead, find a good multi-surface cleaner.
  • You don’t really need a printer. It may come in handy once or twice, but it takes up space and can be expensive to keep up with. Most buildings on campus will have a printer available!


  • Make your curriculum work for you! If you don’t know what you want to do yet and a class sounds interesting, try it out! Or, if you know exactly what you want to do, dive right in!
  • Choose your schedule wisely. College comes with a lot of freedom, including choosing your own schedule. If you’re not a morning person, don’t take an 8 a.m. class. If you like to travel a lot or go home a lot on the weekends, avoid Friday classes. You really have the ability to make it convenient for you!
  • Don’t stress if you can’t get into a class right away. If you don’t get into a class your first try, take it the next semester, you’ve got time! Don’t let scheduling be the death of you.

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Anna Mahan

Anna Mahan

Anna Mahan joined the WAFF 48 News team in August of 2020.