Candid with Kaitlin: waiting for the other shoe to drop

Kaitlin Chappell Rogers talks about missing out due to what if’s

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (TENNESSEE VALLEY LIVING) - Are you constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop? Are you afraid to actually like your life, even if it’s the one you prayed for? Or maybe life hasn’t gone the way you hoped in any way, shape, or form?

Either way, it’s easy to feel like life is either too good to be true or like you can’t catch a break.

Anxiety is best summed up by worrying about the past or the future -- it’s when you literally take yourself out of the present moment and fix your thoughts on another day or time that you either can’t go back to or haven’t been to yet.

Of course, we can learn from the past and plan for the future, but worrying about either is simply stealing joy from this very moment.

We can fight the urge to wait for the other shoe by being where both feet are. Be where your feet are and plant them firmly in the present. Don’t let the good that’s in front of you pass you by because something bad might be on the way.

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Ellen McDonald

Ellen McDonald

Ellen McDonald joined WAFF 48 News in May 2023 as the Head Booker and Digital Content Producer at Tennessee Valley Living.