Alabama band Carver Commodore takes new album on tour

Carver Commodore wants to welcome you to the modern world.

Coming from all different parts of north Alabama, five guys make up the rock ‘n roll band known as Carver Commodore. 

With indie rock sounds inspired by bands such as The White Stripes and The Strokes, the group just released their sophomore album, “Welcome to the Modern World.” Songs like People Pleaser and Everything’s Fine might sound like thoughts running through your mind that keep you up at night, while Misty Eyes reminds you of hope to hold on to.

The Alabama boys are on tour with their new music stopping all over the Tennessee Valley. You can see them live at Gold Sprint Coffee in Huntsville on Saturday, October 23rd or at Singin’ River Brewery in Florence on Saturday, October 30th.

You can listen to “Welcome to the Modern World,” and more from the band anywhere you stream music. And while you’re at it, join the fun and keep up with Carver Commodore on Instagram and Facebook.