Haunted Alabama: Step Inside the Most Haunted House in Russellville

This historic house is home to more than just the Bishop family.

Frank Bishop has lived in this historic home in downtown Russellville for 43 years.

He’s always been connected to this house. As a child, he’d pass by it every morning on his way to school and even remembers having his picture taken there once. So in the 1970s, when the then dilapidated and run-down house came for sale, it was an easy decision for him to make. Frank Bishop bought the house and began turning it into a home. But it didn’t take long for him to realize, something was different about this house.

Over the years countless people have told stories about the strange happenings that have taken place here. Some claim to have seen a woman in a black dress descending the stairs. Others, a young girl dressed in white walking down the hall. One story involves a few of Frank’s family being kept up at night by a mysterious banging of the head boards and a heavy breathing coming from underneath the bed. The first encounter Frank ever had? A swirling cloud of black smoke in the shape of a person hovering above the floor as it moved throughout the house.

The most famous story of this 126 year old house?

A little girl named Rachael…who still loves to play.

When she was little, Frank’s oldest daughter, Beth, would constantly talk about her friend Rachael. She’d tell her father about all the fun her and Rachael would have running through the house and playing upstairs in her room. Frank never laid eyes on Rachael, but the stories of his daughter’s new friend came of no surprise. Beth’s youngest sister had told the family about a little girl in ragged clothes who liked to peek at her from behind the door.

One morning, Frank’s wife came into the kitchen to find Beth alone playing with a ball. She’d bounce the ball across the room, and somehow, the ball would bounce right back.

She’d bounce the ball. And the ball bounced back.

Even today as Beth returns home to visit, she’s forced to sleep downstairs on the couch. Because Rachael keeps her up at night.

Because Rachael still wants to play.

If all of this sounds scary or uneasy to you, Frank says not to worry. He and his family have never felt threatened by the spirits or harmed in any way. Over the years, they’ve accepted it as just another part of the house.

And even in some way…as just other members of the family.

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