Haunted Alabama: The Lowry House

This house in Huntsville has quite the history

The Historic Lowry House was built around 1850 by John Lowry. It was purchased in 1998 by Louie and Jane Tippett and underwent an extensive restoration process. Today, the house is open to public tours and also serves as a backdrop for several theatrical performances and concerts.

And aside from being a part of Huntsville’s history, the house has taken on another reputation over the years…

Watch above as Jane Tippett and Cynthia Tippett Masuccii discuss the strange events that have occurred there over the years. From footsteps and whispers to odd figures appearing in photographs – and even a local child who seems to have made a friend there.

Think you have what it takes to spend the night here?

For the first time ever, guests now have the chance to sleepover inside the Lowry House and possibly have a paranormal experience of their own. You’ll also get to hear from the only person who’s ever stayed here overnight.

For more information on this event and to purchase tickets, click here.

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