Huntsville radio personality camping on Toyota Field roof for Bikes or Bust

Have you seen Mojo Jones?

Every year, WZYP radio personality Mojo Jones camps out in a rather unique spot to raise awareness for Toys for Tots. It’s called Bikes or Bust.

In the past, he would stay in a box that would sit over 30 feet in the air and would come down at the end of his run to learn how many bikes were collected for Toys for Tots. This year, he is camping out for 5 days on the roof of Toyota Field.

By the time Payton Walker talked to him, he had already been up there for 24 hours. He joined TVL live with some updates on the bikes, the weather conditions and shares some sweet stories about why he continues to do this time and time again.

You can donate a bike or give a monetary donation at Toyota Field through Monday, November 22 at 6 p.m.