Keeping up with the Huntsville teen who is raising thousands for St. Jude

He cut his curls for an incredible cause.

You may remember back in May,  a Huntsville teenager named Kieran Moise cut his curls for cancer. He grew his hair for years to help create wigs for children — and his story ended up going viral. That only helped him raise even more awareness and donations.

Since this all started, Kieran’s Curls for Cancer has actually raised more than $50,000 for St. Judes Hospital. He’s gained donations from all 50 states and four different countries. Now, he’s at the Air Force Academy, training to serve our country.

Kieran says he wants to encourage others to go out on a limb and do something for someone else. He says, when you support others, others will support you.

You can still donate to Kieran’s Curls for Cancer here.