Lee’s Legacy: Wigs for Warriors Room brings hope and encouragement

The Wigs for Warriors Room is now open at Huntsville Hospital

If you’ve been watching TVL for a while, you might remember one of our sweet friends, Mrs. Lee Coggins.

Lee started the wonderful organization, Wigs for Warriors as a way to encourage women who were battling cancer, just like her. Unfortunately, she passed away of ovarian cancer in September, but her fight for others continues. The Wigs for Warriors Room is now up and running at Huntsville Hospital.

The Wigs for Warriors room is meant to be a welcoming and comforting place for gynecological cancer patients to gather, wait for treatment and try on wigs. It can be a scary journey, but Lee wanted to offer hope and encouragement to those battling cancer.

To learn more about Wigs for Warriors, to sponsor a wig, or to donate, head to the Huntsville Hospital Foundation website, linked here.