Love your neighbor with a NICU Blessing Bag

One Alabama family is blessing those in the hospital with NICU Blessing Bags.

Every year, thousands of parents spend days on end in the hospital with their babies in the NICU. But, an Alabama family is making sure those families feel the love they deserve with NICU Blessing Bags. The goal is to deliver almost 300 bags this Thanksgiving season to show some encouragement during these tough times.

Catherine Barber’s daughter was born at just 22 weeks when Catherine was only about halfway through her pregnancy. Her family was unexpectedly spending half of their year in the NICU with their little girl. Now, her daughter Emma is nearly 2-years-old, happy and healthy as can be.

Because of the Barber’s journey, they want to love and encourage other families who may be going through the same thing. That’s why they’ve started the NICU Blessing Bags.

More often than not, parents are unexpectedly staying in the hospital without a moment’s notice. To help them, the Blessing Bags will provide items like snacks, toiletries, a devotional, a baby book, swaddle, and more.

Their goal is to deliver 270 bags this Thanksgiving season and each bag costs around $30. Bags will be given to Grandview, Brookwood and Huntsville Hospital. That’s a total of five Alabama hospitals including St. Vincent’s and UAB! Catherine says each bag will be specifically prayed over and contain a letter.

So, how can you help?